Intressant webbinarium från OHTA

SYMF är en medlemsorganisation i The Occupational Hygiene Association (OHTA). Denna organisation har som mål att bidra till utbildning inom yrkeshygien. På hemsidan finns mycket undervisningsmaterial som kan vara av intresse för SYMFs medlemmar.

Därutöver så finns det via länk nedan ett fritt webbinarium med info från åtta stora internationella organisationer som arbetar inom fältet. För att se det krävs att man skrivr upp sig hos AIHA.

  Free Webinar To Inspire Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Professionals   Winston Churchill once said that “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give”. Many Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) professionals around the world live out these famous words through their commitment to worker and community health beyond their daily jobs.

This free webinar will provide insight into the efforts of OEHS professionals in eight global organizations and their impact in mitigating OEHS and public health risks. Typically, these organizations support regions/countries not traditionally supported by robust governmental, industry, or community infrastructures.      The all-star panel from eight global organizations presented: Their organization’s mission and challenges Partnerships with local communities and other associations Specific examples on how OEHS professionals can make a difference in the world today. This free webinar inspired all occupational hygienists and provided unique learning opportunities to: Understand global challenges and efforts undertaken by each organization and the potential OEHS impact. Explore ways in which hygienists can add value to these challenges and opportunities outside of one’s “paid” employment. Help hygienists engage practically on some of these fronts both domestically and globally, leveraging the skills and experience that each has to offer. You can watch the webinar for free by signing up with AIHA.   Watch the webinar on-demand